Interaction Design 1 | UXUI

For my Interaction Design 1 class, we were instructed to create an app of our choice. I created Break It: a habit-tracking app that gives users resources, community, and tools to reach their habit-breaking goals. 
To check out more of my in-depth process, click here. 
When brainstorming, I knew I wanted to create an incredibly easy-to-use interface so users wouldn't have any complications when tracking their habits. Breaking habits is incredibly difficult and there are little to no resources on ways to set goals and break particular habits. 
The Sketches
After figuring out the goal of the app, I needed to dial down my concept and user interaction through sketching. I wanted the task flow to be easy to follow while still providing all necessary habit-breaking tools. 
First-Round Style Frames
Final Screens
The Prototype
To view more of my in-depth process, click here.

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