Personal Project | Packaging, Branding
For a personal project this past summer, I did a rebranding project on the packaging design for the seltzer water, Polar. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that the company has to make their cans more inviting to the consumer. The cans I created are fun, welcoming, and make you want to drink the product. 
The Project Statement
The Mood Board
When brainstorming how I wanted this rebrand to look, I knew I wanted to utilize the potential Polar Seltzer has. Because their main brand asset is the polar bear, I knew that had to be the focal point. However, I also wanted to incorporate a light, warm, and relaxing feel to the can while still keeping it sleek. 
The Typographic Brainstorm
The typography used on the can had to stand out. There are hundreds of different seltzer brands, so I wanted to make sure Polar would catch the eye while still maintaining legibility and hierarchy. 
Digital Variations
I knew I wanted the polar bear to be the focal point, but I had to make sure the can's flavor was very present as well. The flavor of each seltzer is what makes each can its own. It is represented through typography, color scheme, and illustration. After incorporating the necessities, the can was still missing something. I added more depth and an organic atmosphere with the circles to represent how the drink would make the consumer feel. 
The Final Flats
The Final Mockups

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