Co-op | Design Manager |Cincinnati, OH 

During the summer of 2023, I worked as a Design Manager for my co-op at Sprints. Sprints is an inclusive running apparel brand that is fun, uplifting, and encourages everyone to "sweat in color." I would plan and direct weekly photoshoots, design daily emails, create all product launch assets, design digital advertisements, and lead weekly asset meetings. In addition, I was able to work on two larger projects: planning the holiday launch campaign and designing the 2024 Pride hat. 

To check out Sprints website click here. 
Photoshoot Direction
With every new product launch, I was responsible for sourcing models, planning and directing each photoshoot. This would require building shot lists, coordinating with the photographer, and acquiring props. In addition, I would create, copywrite, and upload all social media assets following the launch. I also took all product shots for the website and occasionally would take photos during the shoots. Product launches varied but on average occurred 1-3 times weekly, so curating content that would appeal to Sprints' consumers was an essential part of my position. 
Digital Advertising
The following static and motion graphics were for social media advertisements. We would push out different ads at a very fast pace, so brainstorming new ideas and creating new ads were very frequent tasks of mine. ​​​​​​​
Gift Cards
I was instructed to create different digital gift card designs to be presented on the website. Click here to check it out!
Pride Hat
I brainstormed, developed, and illustrated twelve characters and arranged them on a pattern for a hat that will launch to consumers in June 2024. 

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