Graphic Design 1| EGD, Branding
For my Graphic Design 1 class, we were directed to choose an existing event and create a new identity. I decided to redesign the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. We had to apply the new identity to different touch points. I created a logo, poster, set list, tickets, and wristbands.
To check out more of my in-depth process, click here.
The Mood Board
The Sketches 
Digital Variations
The Final Logos
Touchpoints 1 & 2
When creating the poster and the set list, I wanted the culture and atmosphere of New Orleans and jazz music to shine through. In addition, I wanted the typography to have movement and feeling. 
Touchpoints 3 & 4
To create a more convenient interaction for concert attendees, I color-coded each type of ticket with the wristbands. In addition, I used patterns common in the 1920s when jazz music was at its peak. 
View more of my in-depth process here.

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